The challenge


Develop a release film, web pages, promotions, and tutorials for the release of the new Percolate Marketing Calendar in May 2017. 


My role

  • Lead a team of an art director, a copywriter, an animator, and a brand designer
  • Development of script, voice over and storyboard in collaboration with product and marketing stakeholders
  • Planning and directing the shoots including location scouting, casting, and set design


Everything about film is time consuming and labor intensive, from planning and executing a shoot to animating and compositing product UI onto devices. The only way to deliver a film on time and on budget is to create alignment between stakeholders before production starts. At Percolate we have developed a teared system for our releases where we rank the importance (1-3) of each feature and the level of impact (low/med/high) on the market and customers respectively. This spreadsheet becomes the shared source of truth for everyone involved in the release across product and marketing.


With this spreadsheet as a foundation we work with Product Managers to understand the in's and out's of the upcoming release, with Product Marketing to develop messaging and field enablement assets, with the Demand Generation team to plan the type of assets they want to go to market with, and with the Education team to create tutorials and product documentation. 

Once we have a solid understanding of the objectives and scope of the release it's time to move on to the creative development. I've written a post on Medium detailing this part of the process.




We shot the film in different Breather spaces in NYC, and got to shoot our outdoor mobile scene down by the Ferry Building on The Embarcadero close to our office in San Francisco. Each time we make a film we choose 1-2 new techniques or ideas to try out. This time we were excited to get more variety in our shots by capturing closeups of the product on screens. This is challenging because of the moirĂ© effect as well as the difference in brightness and white balance between a screen and the background. It took us several tries, but we managed to make it work in the end. 




Art Director/Editor: Alex Mayer

Copywriter: Lauren Demarest

Motion Designer: Hayeon Kim