The challenge


Develop a brand identity for 'The Client Summit', a Percolate event that brought clients together to share their experiences, their best practices, and to learn about what's next for the Percolate platform. We hosted the event at TheTimesCenter with 300+ attendees.  


My role

  • Leading a team of a brand designer, a motion designer, and a photographer

  • Develop the brand identity and event experience

  • Collaborate with the sales and product organization to deliver a client focused event with a compelling mix of client stories and roadmap presentations


Brand identity

We set out to design a brand identity that was unique to The Client Summit, but at the same time fit nicely into the Percolate umbrella brand. We decided to base the identity on our 'Pyramid of Needs', a framework we used to speak to the stages a marketing organization has to go through in order to become more successful. We simplified the pyramid into 5 vertically stacked bars that we used to create a system that always feels like it is in motion.




We developed a wide range of branded assets, from programs and lanyards to socks and homemade granola. We had a great day at TheTimesCenter and, as always, learned a lot from our clients. 




Brand Designer: Michele Byrne

Motion Designer: Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya 

Photographer: Alex Mayer