The challenge


Design the experience for Transition, Percolate’s annual marketing conference. In 2016, our third year of Transition, we went all in with a two day conference and over a thousand attendees at The Lincoln Center in New York City.


My role

  • Lead team of creatives including a motion designer, an art director, a copywriter, a frontend engineer, photographers, and videographers
  • Develop the brand identity, and experience
  • Collaborate closely with our production partner Preview Events
  • Produce an event website, digital promotions, printed materials, OOH, and spatial designs
  • Deliver a 2 min event sizzle reel, backstage interviews, event photography, and speaker keynotes
  • Conduct stakeholder presentations and reviews

The backstory

Transition is Percolate’s annual marketing conference focused on how technology is shaping the future. The goal is to bring together amazing people from different fields and industries to share ideas, stories, and examples of organizations successfully making it through times of transition. 2016 was our third year of hosting Transition, and the first time we expanded the programming to two days. The line-up included a wide variety of speakers, among them Tim Urban, Debbie Millman, Keith Weed, James Buckhouse, and Nick Denton.


Brand identity


Every year we adapt the identity to embody the theme of the conference. This year's theme was centered around creating a 360° customer experience. We turned the logo on an angle to reveal additional planes of the letters, symbolizing the new dimensions modern brands need to master; new markets, new channels, and new audiences that expect not only to be talked at, but also listened to.


We added texture to some of the planes of the shapes, cropped in on the letters, and experimented with overlaying shapes, and incorporating photography to create dynamic canvases.




Branding the block around The Lincoln Center was by far the biggest challenge we'd taken on; from taxi tops and OOH to coordinating over 40 speakers in different buildings over two days. It was an incredible experience working with such a landmark venue, and we were very proud of the result.  


We created an opening animation to highlight the theme of the conference and to introduce some of the topics our speakers were going to focus on. 

“The more things you’re interested in, the better your work will be.”
When you start to look around, you can see the way things are connected. And when we create connections, we create change.

We build virtual spaces, and enhance the way we interact with real ones. 
We find more ways to keep our energy up.
And bring information out into the open.
As society’s walls come down, we come together. 

Never before has there been so much change.
And so much opportunity.
Welcome to Transition. 





Motion Designer: Hayeon Kim

Art Director/Editor: Alex Mayer

Copywriter: Lauren Demarest