The challenge


Design the experience for Transition, Percolate’s annual marketing conference hosted in San Francisco, New York, and London. Partner with the marketing team and sales leadership to produce an event that is both memorable for our attendees and valuable for our sales force.


My role

  • Lead team of 7 creatives: a brand designer, a frontend engineer, a motion designer, an art director, a copywriter, a photographer, and a videographer

  • Translate the theme “The Path to Digital Change” into a brand identity and event experience

  • Produce an event website, digital promotions, printed materials, and spatial designs

  • Deliver a 2 min event sizzle reel, backstage interviews, event photography, and speaker keynotes

  • Conduct stakeholder presentations and reviews


The backstory

Transition is Percolate’s annual marketing conference focused on how technology is shaping the future. The goal is to bring together amazing people from different fields and industries to share ideas, stories, and examples of organizations successfully making it through times of transition. 2017 was our fourth year of hosting Transition, and the first time we went beyond New York and included events in San Francisco and London. You can learn more about the origin of the conference in this blogpost by Noah Brier, and if you're curious about the initial brand identity we developed together with Nitzan Hermon you should check out this post I wrote about it back in 2014.


Defining the theme


The theme of this years’ Transition was ‘The path to digital change’. When developing the brand system we focused on defining what ‘change’ means. Change for the sake of change results in something different, but not necessarily an improved state. We wanted to develop the brand system around the type of change that is in pursuit of a goal. We defined our theme in the following way:

Transition is inspiring and challenging you to observe the world with fresh eyes, imagine the future you would like to see, and take inventive steps towards it.

Over the years we’ve been working on finding the right balance for the content at our conference. Some years we’ve been heavily focused on broad themes - how technology is changing the world, and some years we’ve been more focused on the marketing industry. This year we wanted to find a way to make a conscious decision about the mix ahead of time. We developed a framework to help us think about change on different levels:

World: How does your brand impact the world?
Industry: How does your marketing impact your business?
Leadership: How do you impact your marketing?


Brand identity


Every year we adapt the brand identity to represent the current theme. In our research we came across a type of change serendipitously called ‘Transitional Change’. It is defined like this:

Transitional changes are those you make to replace existing processes with new processes.

Perfect. Visually we represented it like this:


With this direction we started exploring patterns to bring the system to life.




We developed language and sketches for spatial executions together with Lauren Demarest, our friend and copywriter at McCann. The NYC event was to be hosted at Spring Studios, a beautiful white canvas that provided us plenty of opportunities to push the limits of our brand system.

Transition NYC in Spring Studios

Transition NYC in Spring Studios

Pins with words and custom designed emojis for attendees to express their feelings about change

Pins with words and custom designed emojis for attendees to express their feelings about change

Lanyards with agenda and maps included

Lanyards with agenda and maps included

Window vinyls and postacards

Window vinyls and postacards


Our opening animation



Brand Designer: Jessica Gottschalk

Motion Designer: Kate Liao

Art Director/Editor: Alex Mayer

Copywriter: Lauren Demarest

Videographer: Samuli Haavisto

Videographer/Editor: Dan Scofield

Photographer: Jules Slütsky